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” LINK ” by Moto Metal

February 1, 2016 by wheelacc
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Check out the MO977  LINK in the “Black Out” version. This wheel is completely customizable. It has 29 separate pieces that you can purchase to customize.  Watch us install the MO977 Black Out kit here.

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MO977 Accessory Instruction

mo977 black

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January 2016

We are a tribe of misfits that disregard normalcy and crave chaos.  Our wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. We take what we want and we do what we want.

We knew this design had to be more than just “outside the box” so guess what we did? We f*#$ing destroyed the box and then did some burnouts on it. The end result is the “Link;” the newest manifestation of our constant resistance to the mainstream.

Customization is our lifeblood and with 29 removable parts, this wheel gives you full control over color options and combos so you can be sure to stand out.

Whether you’re shredding dunes or on your way to the track, your wheels say everything about you and the “Link” is loud as f*&$.”